Children in Urban and Underserved communities throughout the Nairobi Province face distinct challenges when it comes to the game of soccer.  They struggle to find safe places to play as well as established organizations to play with.  It has been proven in throughout the country that giving an at risk child a chance to play sports will keep them healthier, in schools and out of trouble.

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to be part of a soccer program that provides a healthy, safe environment away from the negative influences they may face in their everyday lives.  Through this initiative we will be working to connect the children in these communities with easy, low barrier access to organized youth soccer programs and safe places to play.

Current programming for Urban and Underserved Initiatives includes the ALMASI SOCCER ACADEMY GOALS program and ALMASI YOUTH PORTABLE STREET SOCCER PITCH, funded by LamuCare Foundation.

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Lamucare Foundation with Almasi Soccer Academy has Youth Soccer “TWENDENI” Program developed to provide a rewarding athletic and life experience to children in remote villages. The kids learn about the game of soccer, but they also have a tremendous opportunity to learn valuable life lessons they will carry with them long after they leave the soccer field. They develop lasting friendships and learn leadership skills, teamwork, trust, self-confidence, and a sense of commitment all while playing in a fun and competitive environment.

Our “TWENDENI” Program is also designed to provide our young players with role models to serve as positive and motivating influences in their lives. Our “TWENDENI” Program has been widely successful in teaching and motivating our young players’ life skills and presenting positive role models in their lives.

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